The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) had issued a checklist which is essential to avoid falling prey to any real estate scandal. Globe 22 Marketing strongly recommends looking at this checklist for a safe investment.

A thorough investigation is a must before any real estate investment. Investors are being deceived by fraudsters because of the attractive features of illegal housing societies. Later, investors learned that investing in an illegal housing society had cost them money.

Recently, government incentives for the construction industry have accelerated the formation of new housing societies. The advent of new housing societies has made it difficult to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit housing societies.

Investors are trapped mainly by low property prices and other attractive features reported by the owners of these compromised housing societies.

RDA Checklist for Investment in New Housing Societies:

Globe22Marketing is a real estate marketing company focused on investor profits and well-being. That's why we're offering an important checklist that you must follow to make a safe investment:

  • Investors should visit the housing society and survey the development activities that are proudly displayed in the society's advertisements.

  • You should also check the distance and area of ​​the housing society. The reason is that the owners show the location of the society near the central city and in fact it is quite far. Therefore, it is better to visit the site for location assurance.

  • You should also check with the relevant authorities whether the developers have been officially recognized or whether they are illegal.

  • Investors must also make it clear that the land acquired by the housing society has been approved by the local development authority.

  • contact the RDA to verify the legal status of this housing society.

  • Request an approved NOC from the Housing Society's management to make it clear that you are investing in a legal housing society. Because of this explanation, your investment will be completely safe.

  • Also, check with the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to see if they have a scam case with them.

  • Ask about development exclusions or the inclusion of any hidden charges that may be included in the purchase price of the plot.

  • One good thing to check is the availability of facilities like electricity, gas and water.

  • Other features that family members need to check out are close access to hospitals, schools and mosques.

  • Remember that payment must be made by check or online transaction. It is advisable to keep an electronic record of the transaction and it can be tracked if required.

Save contact details of the company and the person you are working with.


The RDA's checklist has proved to be an important source of information which has saved many investors from the scams of new housing societies. 
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